Wael Sami Al-Ibrahim

With great pride we record the successive and distinguished successes  achieved by Kuwait International Fair Company over the past five decades, since the company’s establishment in 1971, which reflected positively on the volume of official participation in our exhibitions by a multitude of entities and institutions organizing the exhibitions and sponsoring participation therein, to the extent that massive crowd turnout has become a clear indication of the increasing number of visitors and their loyalty to these exhibitions.


KIF confirms its full readiness to assume its responsibilities and continue to undertake its role to the fullest, in terms of investment in the areas that would support the march of Kuwaiti economy, locally and globally, at all levels, stemming from the national inclination within the context of our commitment to fulfil the lofty desire of the late His Highness Princess Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to transform Kuwait into an effective global financial and trade center in the region.


KIF’s importance is derived from the position the State of Kuwait gains by embracing key international specialized commercial events, rendering Kuwait International Fair one of the most important specialized exhibitions in the region and the State of Kuwait as a leading state in hosting international exhibitions, which contributes to strengthening its leading political and economic role and highlights its role as a forum for the men of finance and business, in the area and entire world, to meet.