Public Relations


Measures for obtaining visa entries:

1) Clear copy of the passport while confirming that the passport is valid;

2) Filled in visa request form while enclosing two personal photographs with a blue background;

3) The request forms shall be presented two weeks prior the exhibition term except for some nationalities that are required to present the forms two months prior the exhibition term;

4) Expenses are required for obtaining the visa;

5) The party should leave the country no later than one month (30 days) from the date of entry to the country;


For advertisements on large electronic screens at the main entrances of the exhibition:

1) Specifications of the screen and advertisement:

Width: 2419 pixels or 384 cm

Height: 1209 pixels or 192 cm

Resolution: 16 pixels per inch

2) The deadline for receiving the advertisement material is one week prior the exhibition.

3) a price value is due for advertisements on the screen.


 Customs clearance and shipping services:

 We have an accredited customs clearance office (Agility Global Integrated Logistics).

Tel: 000965 1809 222 – ext: 1571

Mobile: 000965 99635714

Fax: 000965 2467 8072

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