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We at the Kuwait International Fair Company know that exhibitions are one of the most successful channels for instituting and preserving customer relations since they are the only venue where buyers, sellers and products as well as services unite in our virtually driven world.

Apart from being one of the fastest ways to discover and enter new export markets, exhibitions are also known to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. The advantages of participating in one of our exhibitions listed below are not solely confined to exhibitions; however, the outcome is overwhelmingly satisfying when all benefits are joined into one exceedingly flexible marketing and promotional vehicle. Our exhibitions merge the effective mass-reach of advertising techniques, specifically targeted direct mail and other promotional devices, swaying influence of face-to-face selling and networking benefits that form an exceptional setting where a broad array of marketing and sales objectives can be sought after.

Well targeted

Our trade exhibitions have highly cost-effective sales and marketing platforms that possess focused profiles and wisely targeted audiences. We are dedicated to providing business contacts that generate value for each and every customer.

Flexible environment

From producing leads on sales and launching new products and services to building a business' brand image, sustaining customer relations and assigning new agents, our exhibitions offer a very flexible setting where a vast variety of your marketing and sales objectives can be realized. Along with our website, well primed stands, sponsorships, symposiums and awards that augment the abundance of the many exposure opportunities we have, we at KIF offer a vibrant milieu for your marketing and sales pursuits in each and every exhibition.

Direct communication

All exhibitions involve the most influential type of selling and building customer relationships: direct, face-to-face communication where visitors and buyers can freely inquire about the exhibited products and/or services while exhibitors generously provide and obtain information.

Proactive visitors

The assortment of effective exhibition advertising techniques executed by us drives in proactive visitors who all take valuable time off after making a mindful decision to attend the exhibition.

Friendly sales environment

While visitors are not forced to buy the exhibited products and/or services, the exhibitor is never anxious about being in the visitor's homeland.

A medium of the 5 senses

While an advertisement or web banner has the ability to promote a product or service's speed, high-quality or convenient size, visitors at our exhibitions can see, taste, touch and try out your product for themselves. We at KIF know that nothing can outdo the effect of live presentations.

Quick market penetration

Simply put, you can get in touch with a considerable percentage of the market in a small amount of time. From increasing your company's profile, altering perceptions or producing sales leads, participating with us at an exhibition can aid you in accomplishing more in three days than you might in most of the year.